Tuesday, January 24, 2012

This is a sample post

First of all, let me start off by saying don’t read this review unless you have Game Boy Color and Legend of Zelda Link’s Awakening DX. The normal one doesn’t count. Second of all, let me say that this is the only game ever made for the Game Boy color SPECIFICALLY. Lots of other games work with the Game Boy color, but the color doesn’t show up as good. Now, on to the review. This game is quite possibly one of the best games ever for the Game Boy in general, excluding Pok√©mon. The Legend of Zelda series has been around for a while, starting with the Gold-Cartridge Legend of Zelda for the NES. Now that we’re done with the history lesson, once again, on to the review (really this time). Legend of Zelda: Links Awakening DX starts you off with a dazzeling array of color for a Game Boy Color Game. This is the game you want to get if you wish to realize the Game Boy Color’s true power.

Gameplay: Gameplay is very good. It is fun if you like thinking games, adventure games, RPG’s, puzzle games and games with a suprise ending if you’re willing to play that far. This game is unique in the fact that just when you think you have something won, another problem crops up. For instance, after the fourth level, you think you can get directly to the sixth, right? Just find your way and you’re almost done? Nope, not in this game. Right after you’re done the fifth cave, you are followed by a ghost that’s pretty demanding. Also, for those who like the extra challenge, Legend of Zelda: Link’s Awakening DX comes with an extra color-coordinated bonus level that can only be accessed with the Game Boy color. The only problem with gameplay is that Link walks too darn slow. For a world that takes a very long time to get from one end to the other, you’d think that ol’ Link would pick up the pace a bit. But other than that, gameplay gets a perfect 10.

Music: Music, music….what can I say? It’s Game Boy music. However, the music matches the mood of the places you’re in. For instance, in caves, the music is very downcast, depressing almost. However when you’re in Animal Village, the music is upbeat, happy, cheerful, lively, you know what i’m getting at. The music, for its varying moods, get a perfect 10.

Story: By far, this is a weird story. It gets even weirder when you beat the game. The ending…. oops, almost told you. Anyway, it turns out that when Link defeated the main bad dude in the other game, the people got restless. They started complaining. Pretty ungrateful, huh? Anyway, Link decided that he should go on a training mission. I’ll shorten this a bit. On Link’s way back, he screwed up and got caught in a storm. The ship blew up, and Link found himself on the shores of Koholint Island, one he never even heard about. He woke up to find what looked like Princess Zelda standing over him, but it wasn’t. It was Marin, an inhabitant of the island. Why does Marin look exactly like Princess Zelda you ask? Well, get the game and beat it, and you’ll see why. I can’t tell you the ending. Now, if you don’t own the game, you’re probably saying to yourself, “Well, why doesn’t Link get off his sorry butt and build another boat to sail off the island?” Well, if you owned the game, you’d understand. You see, on top of the tallest mountain in Koholint lies and egg that could make 4,000,000 omelettes (just kidding). Inside this egg sleeps the Wind Fish, a rather unkind soul who is sleeping all the time. Without waking up the Wind Fish, there’s no way of leaving the island. Sound original enough to me. The story gets a perfect 10.

Replayability: Replayability. This is a toughie. If you’re kind of person who once they beat a game says “That’s all I can do in the game, time to take it back” then you shouldn’t buy this game, or replay it. But if you’re one of the people who seek out different ways to beat the game, go for this game. There’s two obvious ways to beat the game off the bat. Go to the secret dungeon, or don’t go to the secret dungeon. But you can always see if there’s a different way to beat it. I only know of one, but this is a review, not a walkthrough. So there are two ratings for this section. for the first kind of people that i mentioned, this games a straight 0. But if you like to seek out different ways to beat stuff, this game’s a 10. The highest score always wins, so the replayability is a 10.

Buy or Rent? Well, if you have to have this game but don’t want to shell out the 30 bucks (that’s it! it’s not that expensive), then you have to rent it, but i wouldn’t recommend it, because you’ll have to pay some money, as the game takes a while to defeat and i know how much money it takes to rent a game for about six days. Face it people, thirty dollars is not all that much. Just get the game. It’s easier.
Overall: 10

And, just for reading this far, I will now tell you the ending. The ending is —-All Space Used. Must End Transcript—-